Proposal benchmarking: improve your win rates & efficiency.

To identify how you can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your proposal capabilities, we offer a range of proposal benchmarking services. These compare your current approach to best practice and to peer group scores from over 125 organisations worldwide.

We analyse both the quality of your organisation's written proposals and the way in which you manage proposal development. Our assessment is based on a focused evaluation of a number of recently-submitted documents, as well as structured interviews with key internal stakeholders and with customers.

This 'stake in the ground' shows where you are today, and identifies gaps in capability. From this, we develop a clear, prioritised improvement plan – identifying your options to sharpen your proposal approach, and analysing the expected return on investment.

We can then help you to manage the resulting programme, as you build an enhanced Proposal Centre operation and deliver a myriad of other highly-focused improvements. Our style throughout is highly practical: drawing on our experience of successful proposal development and of purchasing techniques to identify ways to increase your win rates, improve your efficiency and minimise your risk.

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