Human Performance Impact Services

Today organisations need to perform, grow or do both. The pressure is on to achieve continuous competitive advantage. Organisations cannot stand still, it is not an option. People define the competitive and cost performance of an organisation more than any other factor. People represent the largest single overhead cost in most organisations and enabling them to achieve higher levels of speed and efficiency is a crucial element in improving overall competitive performance. Evision International works and evolves with our clients in providing the key elements in managing people resources efficiently and effectively. These elements are concentrated in the areas of re-skilling, motivation, development and focus of key resources especially in the sales, marketing and business development environments of the business.



Whether you have implemented a complete suite of eLearning solutions linked into a comprehensive Learning Management Solution or just taken the initial steps to investigate what is eLearning and what part will it play in the overall deliverables of your learning and development strategy, Evision can help.

Our team of Consultants and Partner relationships will ensure you make the right 'informed' decision for your business, both in terms of cost and results - the complete solution.

  • How do you convert an instructor led solution into an eLearning solution?
  • What issues do you need to take into account?
  • How do you audit and track the results?
  • How can this link into your HR system?

Design and Implementation

Evision offers a range of professional services focussed on the 'end to end' design requirements for effective elearning solutions.

We offer an unrivalled range of specialised business services enabling our clients to grow, compete and succeed in today's ever changing business landscape.

We have a series of Consultants and Partners that will assist you in making the right decisions for your business, both in terms of technology and functionality.

Instructor Led Training Solutions

Evision delivers an extensive range of services and solutions based around Instructor Led Training Solutions.

These include the initial audit of requirements, objectives scoping document, outline design, development and delivery of classroom based solutions.

At Evision we make Instructor Led Training fun and interactive and therefore ensure the required results are met.

Go To Market Consultancy

Organisations today whether Technology or Service Providers, Utilities, ICT solution and services providers are faced with the challenges of meeting changing customer and shareholder demands. Their Go To Market programmes need to reflect customer needs and most importantly the investment in infrastructure, people and systems.

Evision engages with these organisations to create the most effective Go To Market initiative based on the appropriate risk reward criteria. This involves ensuring the maximising of total investments in new services such as IP based services, geographic spread, presence in market, speed to market, innovation and execution of services portfolio.

Strategic Innovation and Consultancy

In the economic and financial climate of today, leadership teams need to show improvements in the short term. Spending a lot of time on formulating complex strategic plans is a luxury that many of today’s organisations cannot afford. Fast , effective action to make processes more efficient is needed- with results that show up on the bottom line quickly.

Evision provides innovative professional expertise to rapidly execute short term and medium term plans.

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