Your written proposal is a key element of a successful sales campaign – so it's crucial that you submit truly first-class documents for each opportunity you pursue. But are your proposals always better than those of your competitors?

Whether you need to transform your proposal development capabilities from 'run-of-the-mill' to world-class - or to hone the skills of an already high-performing proposal organisation - Strategic Proposals can help. Services include:

Client audits:

Many of our team have backgrounds in senior purchasing roles, helping us to deliver audit projects that get to the heart of what your prospective customers really think of your proposals.

Process improvement:

Designing and implementing best practice proposal-related processes, at key steps such as qualification, pre-proposal planning, strategy development and content design.

Proposal centres design:

Including organisational design, recruitment and implementation.

Proposal design:

We work alongside leading designers, expert in developing high-quality, high-impact proposal templates and packaging.

Interim management:

With our highly experienced staff available to fill senior roles in your proposal team.

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